About Jonathan

Jonathan is an artist who speaks to the heart and soul. His creativity is fueled by his faith and love for life. His works are a hymn to beauty, spirituality and life, inviting us to connect with the energy that animates the world and to find inner peace.Her passion for art, aesthetics and spirituality is universal, which has allowed her to enter the global art scene. His work is appreciated by people from all walks of life, who admire his ability to convey positive energy through his creations. In addition to being a talented artist, Jonathan is a true humanist who loves his fellow man. This quality is reflected in his interactions with clients and people who appreciate his art. His passion for Judaic art and spirituality has changed his life, and today he inspires people around the world with his work. His vision, talent and love for his fellow man are assets that make him unforgettable to those who have had the chance to encounter his art.

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