Discover the kameart story

From being lost to finding his path, this is Jonathan’s story:

After a trip to Uman, Nahman revealed himself to Jonathan and changed his life.
Jonathan started to create Judaic Art in his small apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv.
With the blessing of Rebbe Nahman, he was able to extend his passion and founded Kameart. His mission in this life is to bless the world with spirituality with a touch of fashion.

During COVID-19 and against all odds, Jonathan decides to open his very first Kameart workshop.
At first, he opened a small workshop in downtown Tel Aviv.
Quickly his business expanded, and he finally found the perfect place.

He chose the creator district of Tel Aviv to open a new modern and avant-garde store.
With the help of his wife, Alison, they redesigned the entire place, creating a unique atmosphere full of spirituality.