garantee of quality

The petek inside

The Petek can be found within each necklace of the “Petek” collection.
The Petek is written by a qualified Sofer (Jewish scribe) and following the rigorous laws of Judaism.

The Petek “Na Nah Nahma Nahman Meuman” (in Hebrew נַ נַחְ נַחְמָ נַחְמָן מְאוּמַן) is a formula coming from Rebbe Israel Dov Ber Odesser, to whom it was miraculously revealed through a mysterious note from Rebbe Nachman, great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, founded in the 17th century of the Breslov movement, nowadays buried in the city of Uman in Ukraine.

This famous motto summarizes a Judaism of joy and happiness enlightened by the Zohar.
Our calling is to share the Petek’s benediction with everyone. Carrying this wonderful blessing will bring you luck and good news with the help of God and will accompany you on a daily basis by bringing you protection, light, and great spirituality.

Handcrafted in tlv

In the heart of Tel Aviv, in the creator’s district, Jonathan Parienti, founder and designer of Kameart, implements his art.

Jonathan is gently revealing his story through his creations. Every item, from scrolls to tzizit, is handmade by him using high-end materials such as leather and silver.

The manufacturing process, infused with spirituality, art, and fashion will sublimate and turn your next Kameart acquisition unique.

Kosher certifiate

All the items requiring a kosher certificate, such as tzitzit and thallit, are made according to the rigorous standards of Jewish Law.
They are certified Kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.