Accessibility statement


Our company aims to provide a maximum use of the site to the general public including the disabled, we have invested and invested a great deal of effort to make it accessible, streamline, and ease the use of the site.
The site was reached to an Israeli standard 5568 AA (based on WCAG 2.0 World standards).

Accessibility Statement objectives and the Advertising of Accessibility arrangements on this site:

This site has keyboard navigation option only and easy identification of the area in focus. (Red square that signiates the position of the click option)
How the site is available:
On this site is the Accessibility Menu (Accessibility Tools)

With the accessibility tool, you can–
– Make a dark background color contrast change

– Change text color and background color for visual and color deficient (enabled when changing color contrast)
– By pressing high contrast/reverse contrast.
– Highlight links (on when clicking “highlight links”)
Keyboard navigation
– Animations delay mechanism
– A descriptive bean trigger mechanism that helps to understand the picture description and more
– Increase cursor+reading guide that marks a horizontal line for reading assistance
– The text spacing

– Grayscale

– Bright background

– The Pont exchange for a legion-readable phonete dyslexia

– Reset the tool to return to the initial design

Stop and play button galleries
Textual description for photos And icons for assistive technologies
Submitting menus, forms, header hierarchy, tab element, and more
The site map for quick and easy access to the different site pages is at the bottom of the pages and is also in the accessibility tool.
Accessibility Statement with Compliance, gaps and Accessibility responsible explained.

Accessibility adjustment has been tested on auxiliary measures such as screens and devices.


Font size is resized using the keyboard,
Press the Ctrl + key for the font size,
Press the CCtrl key for the font reduction

On Apple’s computers (MAC) using the keyboard
Cmd + for font enlargement press the keys

Cmd – for font reduction, press the keys

This can also be done through the accessibility tool that is the left-hand status of the screen, By pressing the buttons: Increase text/ decrease text.

How to use the accessibility plugin

The accessibility plugin is active all the time on the site and there’s no special action required to activate it,
Clicking the element change buttons on the site will change the colors the plug-in changes background color, changes text color, and highlight links.
Keyboard navigation by using the tab button to jump to different content areas.

Browser compatibility

The site has been tested in browsers:
Chrome (Google chrome)